FluidFlow v3.22 Build 6 - FluidFlow

  • The calculated K value is now an available result (in export, excel, tables, etc.) for the following elements: GenericK, Inline Filters, Cyclones, Expansion Bends, Known Resistance Exits, Bends, & Mitre Bends.
  • Buried Pipe Calculation now uses an iterative solution process, which results in a more accurate solution. Log Mean temperature is calculated more accurately.
  • Now possible to “Check for Updates” from the Help menu.
  • NPSHa now shown for auto boosters and PD pumps.
  • Improved heat transfer in two-phase flow.
  • Heat Loss from Pipes – Instead of R values (heat transfer resistances) being displayed, individual transfer coefficients (Inside Film, Pipe Wall, Insulation, Outside Film) are now displayed. This change was requested by several users.