UC Davis OneLoop Pod Hyperloop competition

Good luck to UC Davis OneLoop Pod in the SpaceX 2019 Hyperloop Pod Competition on July 21.  Proud that FluidFlow was crucial in designing a potential prototype of the transportation of the future!

The Hyperloop is a novel form of low-cost, fast transportation, consisting of levitating pods propelled through a vacuum tube at transonic speeds. The concept is projected to be able to deliver passengers from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 30 minutes for just $20.  To further research and innovation at the university level, Hyperloop’s ideator Elon Musk started an international competition for student teams through SpaceX . UC Davis is one of the top 21 teams that will compete in July 2019.

The OneLoop Pod is an innovative, high-tech vehicle that will represent UC Davis in the 2019 Hyperloop Pod Competition run by SpaceX. Hyperloop technology aims to revolutionize transportation by combining high-speed travel with vacuum tube technology. This year’s OneLoop pod features a high-performance programmable logic controller, a lightweight 6061 Aluminum chassis, mutually redundant pneumatic friction brakes, independent quarter-car suspension modules, a three-axis lateral stability mechanism, and a Nitrogen cold-gas rocket thruster.

The primary propulsion system consists of four composite, high-pressure tanks filled with Nitrogen gas, a series of redundant air-operated valves, and a converging-diverging aluminum nozzle.

On top of the primary system, a high pressure regulator, additional high-pressure valves, a fill port, and a flow restrictor comprise stations for both filling and scheduled relief of the gas in the tanks.

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